jOrder benchmarks

Benchmarks are performed on these two datasets:

Reference tests are marked blue.

jLinq is a flexible array querying library for JavaScript created by Hugo Bonacci.


original source from Benchmarks - jorder - GitHub
modified by neuecc(twitter - @neuecc) - creater of linq.js.
add benchmarks, jOrder(with initialize), linq.js, JSINQ , JSLINQ, RxJS, jQuery.
remove some benchmarks.

linq.js - lazy evaluation and finally dispose.
JSINQ - lazy evaluation.
LINQ to JavaScript(JSLINQ) - simply array wrapper, eager evaluation.
Reactive Extensions for JavaScript(RxJS) - push based collection(FromArray is cold observable).
jOrder - index based collection.
jQuery - $.grep is simply filtering, of course eager evaluation.

Small table results

Large table results